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A Private Health Coaching Series

Each series of Private Health Coaching sessions is specifically tailored to the health and fitness goals of my client.  I work with each individual's unique strengths and challenges, incorporating an array of practical skills and techniques to help my clients awaken their potential and achieve their goals.  Here are some of the life skills taught and practiced in Private Health Coaching sessions:




Mindfulness Meditation


Optimal Nutrition

Stress Management Skills

Deep Restful Sleep

Injury Rehab

Postural Re-Training


"I have been working with Jo Anne Tudor for the last 6 months on private health coaching.  Jo Anne has a vast knowledge of health and fitness and has a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology.  She has the ability to communicate this knowledge in a way that is easy to understand.

She customized my program to my specific needs and goals.  Her approach is all inclusive, not only does she focus on the fitness aspect such as flexibility, strength, balance and endurance she incorporates overall health and well-being in her program such as healthy eating and the importance of sleep.

My job involves long periods of sitting and Jo Anne has developed routines focusing on posture and mini sequences that I use every day to address this issue.

Jo Anne is great at motivating and encouraging me to focus on my objectives; she has made exercising fun.  Since working with her I have never felt more fit and energized.

I would highly recommend Jo Anne’s services to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and fitness. She is incredible to work with and she truly does produce results."

M.N. Toronto

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