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Injury Rehabilitation

It is important that a person’s injuries be properly and completely rehabilitated to prevent chronic pain, re-injury and scar tissue build up.  Scar tissue (adhesions) cause a glue-like restriction in muscles and soft tissue causing reduced range of motion, restricted blood supply and dysfunction in the body’s ability to move easily.  Massage Therapy along with proper rehabilitative exercise can insure a good healing process and outcome after sprains, strains, trauma, fractures and repetitive strain injuries.


"I was referred to Jo Anne Tudor for Massage Therapy for a shoulder injury from a skiing accident.  She was booked up for massage therapy but had an availability for Private Health Coaching.  After Jo assessed my shoulder, she began teaching me something called Essentrics.  She showed me how to move my arms in a Tai Chi type movement to music.  Within minutes my shoulder began to loosen up and feel better.   I could feel my range of motion improve past the previously painful and “stuck” area.  Jo taught me a daily routine to do at home which I have done.  After just three days, my shoulder felt about 80 percent better.  After a few weeks, my waist has also trimmed and I’m getting some cardio training as well from the exercises she gave me.

I’m relieved and happy!  Thank you Jo Anne!"

I.A. - Toronto

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