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"After a lengthy search for an RMT in my area, my doctor recommended Jo Anne Tudor to help manage my pain.  J​o is s great communicator and her studio is lovely, spotlessly clean and serene.  After just a couple of sessions, I noticed a remarkabl​e change in my pain, she un-locked my hips and suddenly I felt 10 years younger!  The true reveal was standing in a change room​- tryin​g on a pair of pants and​ I was able to do so on one foot , sturdy and pain free.  Jo in interested in full mind and body health and recommended" Qi Gong" movements which have enriched my life and increased my energy.  Finding Jo has been the best thing to happen to me in years!"

-MK, Vancouver Island


"My teenage son has had a chronic illness likely brought on by long term emotional distress and ongoing anxiety that causes him extreme physical discomfort.  After years of a continual down hill slide that has fully affected his quality of life in all aspects, I brought him to Jo Anne.  This pale, grey, exhausted and very down teen came out of his very first treatment with rosy cheeks that never faded.  I have been absolutely shocked at the changes he’s been experiencing after each treatment. His body is relaxing and he's becoming a very happy, healthy, playful and interactive kid again!  Jo Anne’s deeply intuitive sessions have given my son the deep internal relief that no other medical effort has been able to.  I highly recommend any person experiencing ongoing emotional stress to give their body the gift of deep physical relief that Jo Anne can provide.  I am truly grateful to see my son waking up with a glowing happiness in his life again! "

-AJ, Vancouver Island


Jo helped me immensely when my back was in such bad shape that I could barely walk or even sit upright for more than a few minutes. In just a few sessions she had me back on track and provided me with a very effective stretching regimen and posture tips. Highly recommended!

-A.V. Toronto


"As an RMT myself I feel I can vouch for Jo`s top notch skills as a Massage Therapist.  I have been a regular patient for 20 plus years.  Through various injuries and chronic pain issues I have felt the benefits of her craniosacral therapy and acupuncture additions to my massage therapy treatments.  My responses have been from the subtle to dramatic.    Jo's intuition, care and attention, her dedication to learning, growth and experience make her my preferred RMT.  

Thank you Jo Tudor!"

-S.T. RMT - Toronto


"I have been a client of Jo Anne's for many years. I am a Martial Arts Athlete, as well as Trainer and Coach. Throughout the years I have sustained many injuries and ailments. Jo has been a brilliant mind in healing my body as well as teaching me how to prevent further problems. My training and teaching can be very intense and extremely hard on my body. I wouldn't be in such great health and continue to do the training and teaching I do without her. My body functions like a well oiled machine because of her services, as well as her wisdom and compassion for healing. Thank you Jo you have been and continue to be my savior.❤️"

-Andrea Nucci - Toronto

aka Warrior Goddess


"I have been working with Jo Anne Tudor for the last 6 months on private health coaching. Jo Anne has a vast knowledge of health and fitness and has a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. She has the ability to communicate this knowledge in a way that is easy to understand.


She customized my program to my specific needs and goals. Her approach is all inclusive, not only does she focus on the fitness aspect such as flexibility, strength, balance and endurance she incorporates overall health and well-being in her program such as healthy eating and the importance of sleep.

My job involves long periods of sitting and Jo Anne has developed routines focusing on posture and mini sequences that I use every day to address this issue.


Jo Anne is great at motivating and encouraging me to focus on my objectives; she has made exercising fun. Since working with her I have never felt more fit and energized.

I would highly recommend Jo Anne’s services to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and fitness. She is incredible to work with and she truly does produce results."

-M.N. - Toronto


“As a participant of a workshop led by Jo Anne Tudor, I really enjoyed the way she guided me through flowing Tai Chi type movements and deep breathing exercises to music. I felt my body soften and relax and I felt my stress and anxiety ease. I was even able to sit and experience stillness and calm, something I didn’t think I was capable of. Thank you Jo Anne for your knowledge, care and guidance. Because of the skills I learned in your workshop, I sleep better at night, have less neck and back pain and am able to calm my anxiety on a daily basis all of which have vastly improved my quality of life. I look forward to learning more so that I can share these skills with my clients.” 

 -Shanna P, RN


"Over the past eight years, as my massage therapist, Jo has helped my body (and mind) heal from the pain of scoliosis, neck and shoulder problems, along with two separate injuries. After sessions, pain is reduced, and the resulting relaxation further encourages healing. Jo is an outstanding, intuitive therapist always knowing how best to help. Along with massage, the CranioSacral work has had an extremely positive effect. Her clinic is like a welcoming, peaceful oasis, which only adds to the healing process."

-R. M.- Toronto


"Four years ago serious pain developed in both my shoulders. It was so bad that I had trouble doing any normal daily activities like getting dressed, eating with knife and fork, etc. Our family physician diagnosed “frozen shoulder” on both sides. Regular physio was ineffective. I then heard of Jo Anne Tudor. Her massage treatments have been extremely effective. She has cleared up the shoulder problems and has massaged out many other aches and pains.

Jo Anne never stops developing her expertise and sharing her knowledge with her clients. She also provides instruction in some self-curing procedures. Deep breathing exercises have relieved stress, and even blockages in my digestive system.

I thank God daily for getting me in touch with Jo Anne Tudor, a true angel!"

-R.B. - Toronto


"I have found my weekly Massage Therapy treatments with Jo for the past nine years to be of great benefit to my health. Jo’s skills have helped me recover from injury, reduce stress, improve my immune system, and keep my body and soul aligned."

-L. F. - Toronto


"From your teaching, I have learned that I have choices in what I do with my daily intake of energy. I understand that I can choose to energize and vitalize myself with what I put into my body or make it very hard for it to function. I have also learned that I can add to it’s deterioration or enhance it’s longevity and energy. For all of this learning and your dedication, I am truly thankful to you."

-T. L. - Toronto


"Three years ago when I was looking for a massage therapist, all I had in mind was a good relaxation massage every two weeks or so. But when I met Jo Anne I found out that she’s so much more than “just” an RMT. Right from the beginning, I loved how she treated me like an INDIVIDUAL with specific needs and not just another client… I also loved how she started to incorporate her Craniosacral and different Acupuncture techniques into each of my sessions depending on what my body needed the most. On top of that, her Manual Lymph Drainage massage helped relieve the heaviness from my legs, something I had been struggling with for years…


After each session my body feels super light and fully energized, but what is even more important I literally feel more connected and at peace on the spiritual level – and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything else!"

-M.R. - Toronto


“Not only did Jo solve my problem with frozen shoulder, she has advised and guided me to a better lifestyle that has altered my diet and resulted in the loss of weight for which I am very grateful. Recommended exercise too has played an important part in my general health. Her counsel is always well-informed and professional. ”

-B.B. - Toronto


" I had been living with significant chronic neck/shoulder pain for about a decade. Despite multiple treatments from physio, chiropractic, osteopathy and several massage therapists I was still struggling with daily headaches, fatigue, limitations in my physical abilities and a diminished quality of life. This has changed from the services and exemplary treatment from Jo Tudor. Her expertise in body work provided a customized treatment plan which included a lifestyle and movement analysis that has targeted and treated my body. I have found her instruction in Essentrics and posture remediation invaluable and life changing. The individual sessions have been an excellent investment in recovering my physical health."

-S.P. - Registered Nurse, Burlington


"I was referred to Jo Anne Tudor for Massage Therapy for a shoulder injury from a skiing accident. She was booked up for massage therapy but had an availability for Private Health Coaching. After Jo assessed my shoulder, she began teaching me something called Essentrics. She showed me how to move my arms in a Tai Chi type movement to music. Within minutes my shoulder began to loosen up and feel better. I could feel my range of motion improve past the previously painful and “stuck” area. Jo taught me a daily routine to do at home which I have done. After just three days, my shoulder felt about 80 percent better. After a few weeks, my waist has also trimmed and I’m getting some cardio training as well from the exercises she gave me.

I’m relieved and happy! Thank you Jo Anne!"

-I.A. - Toronto



"Thank you Jo for your teachings on Women’s Health and “Energize Your Eating”, from the basics of cleansing to the importance of colon and bowel health to specific hormone issues. Your follow-up is amazing and keeps me on track with my health goals. It’s invaluable! Thank you for your dedication to health and your passion for sharing this knowledge with others."

-T. H. - Toronto

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