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Mindfulness in the Classroom

Imagine a classroom filled with calm, happy, focused students who are keen and ready to learn.  You've just led them through a gentle fifteen-minute full body exercise program to music that has engaged their minds, bodies, and imaginations, followed by a short Mindfulness practice.  You feel energized, clear and alert and so does your class.

I see an overwhelming need for regular programs and practices that bring inner calm, stillness and emotional health and wellbeing to students and teachers in our schools and classrooms.  As a result, I have developed a program called “Moving into Mindfulness”.  

The Moving into Mindfulness program involves physical exercise to encourage deep breathing and stress release as well as Mindfulness practices. The program instructs school teachers in movement, breath work and mindfulness practices which they can then teach their students. The goal is to encourage and develop emotional self-regulation, mental health, and coping skills, increased ability to learn and focus, and physical fitness.

 In teaching these skills, I begin by coming into the classroom and leading the students and teachers through a session which can last from between 15 and 30 minutes.  After a number of these sessions, I work with the teachers only in order to de-construct the program and teach them how to lead their classes through a daily Moving into Mindfulness session.  Workshop length and content are customized per school/classroom. 

Research ​shows the benefits of Mindfulness practices in the Classroom

There is a vast body of scientific research and evidence showing that Mindfulness practices and skills improve children's and adults' mental health, emotional and physical resiliency and well-being, and ability to focus and learn.  Schools around the world are implementing these programs resulting in student's positive behavior changes and increased academic scores.

For insight into research studies click:

BBC News - Mindfulness in the Classroom

Students express the benefits of Mindfulness programs in their school and classrooms

Teachers discuss the benefits of Mindfulness training in the classroom

Feedback from a student participant of a Moving into Mindfulness session led by Jo Anne at John G. Althouse Middle School (TDSB) in April 2018.

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Health and Wellness Seminars and Workshops

"Moving into Mindfulness" is also designed for community, social service, addictions and health care professionals - for their own health and well-being. The workshops also teaches participants daily movement, breathwork and mindfulness practices to increase physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

From an employer’s and organization's perspective, cultivating mindfulness through embodied awareness contributes to a healthier and more focused employee, less sick-time, improvement in musculoskeletal balance and posture and a reduction in chronic pain.


“As a participant of a Moving into Mindfulness workshop led by Jo Anne Tudor, I really enjoyed the way she guided me through flowing Tai Chi type movements and deep breathing exercises to music.  I felt my body soften and relax and I felt my stress and anxiety ease.  I was even able to sit and experience stillness and calm, something I didn’t think I was capable of.  Thank you Jo Anne for your knowledge, care and guidance.  Because of the skills I learned in your workshop, I sleep better at night, have less neck and back pain and am able to calm my anxiety on a daily basis all of which have vastly improved my quality of life.  I look forward to learning more so that I can share these skills with my clients.” Shanna P, RN

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Other Workshop topics that are available to meet the needs of teachers and employees include:

*  Pain-Free Workplace

*  Better Sleep

*  Care for the Caregiver

*  Reducing Headaches and Back Pain

*  Building Inner Resilience

You can learn more about me by clicking on about Jo Anne below. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss these program offerings and how they can benefit your staff and employees.

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