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Sports Massage

I use a number of modalities to treat sports related injuries, whether those of professional athletes, weekend runners or people with other forms of athletic injuries.  Often the problem is caused by repetitive strain of overused muscles, tendons and ligaments causing fatigue and resulting in sprains, strains and tears. 

Often there are falls and trauma resulting in pain, inflammation and deep bruising to tissues.  After a complete assessment, I use a combination of Medical Acupuncture, Manual Lymph Drainage, Deep Tissue Massage and CranioSacral Therapy to treat the injured area and compensating structures, reduce inflammation and calm the nervous system.  Remedial exercise along with guidance for home care (ice, elevation or hot epsom salts baths) are given so the client understands effective, natural self care methods to support their healing between treatments.


"I have been a client of Jo Anne's for many years.  I am a Martial Arts Athlete, as well as Trainer and Coach.  Throughout the years I have sustained many injuries and ailments.  Jo has been a brilliant mind in healing my body as well as teaching me how to prevent further problems.  My training and teaching can be very intense and extremely hard on my body.  I wouldn't be in such great health and continue to do the training and teaching I do without her.  My body functions like a well oiled machine because of her services, as well as her wisdom and compassion for healing.  Thank you Jo you have been and continue to be my savior.❤️

Andrea Nucci - Toronto

aka Warrior Goddess

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